Not for the faint of heart! My slave to let off steam (Part 1 - 2)

Categories: Fetish Porn

Not for the faint of heart! My slave to let off steam (Part 1 - 2)

Categories: Femdom
Length: 22 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 410mb

Olaf had been applying to me as a slave for a long time. He always wanted to be my toy. Today he had the opportunity to do so. Was it really clear to him what he was getting into? I knew no mercy with him and fixed him on the cross so that he was completely at my mercy And already when mooring he drooled on the tail without end. Of course, I don't let that go through and have prevented him with my whip and a few strong blows to the tail. But the spanking has apparently made him even. So I tied off the eggs and hung on them. That stopped the drooling of the tail for the time being. But since that wasn't enough for me, I put nipples clamps on him and turned his nipples around. Unfortunately, this made him even again. And since he has already drooled again and the sperm ran out of his tail alone, I left him like that and left. Now in the second part, slave Olaf has to suffer properly. I span his ass really red blue with the biggest paddles I have. Because nothing else the failure has earned with his hanging and limp tail. After that, he gets his ass fucked by my LoveBotz after I stretched his asshole nicely with my other dildos. Did he survive the treatment with me? Just take a look for yourself. But beware this film is not for the faint of heart!

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