Over-the-Top Rub-Down

Big Boobs 14-07-2022
Models: Adora Bell, 28

Over-the-Top Rub-Down

Starring: Adora Bell, 28
Categories: BBW
Length: 23 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 921Mb

Adora is a delightful, jovial, scarlet haired, tattooed, heavy honey, with a nostalgic, bearded clam. She has come for one of Jay’s notoriously thorough massages. After his usual charming exam, he has her lie down on his table, oiling her up as he deeply massaging her backside, while paying special attention to her bountiful butt. Noticing the prodigious bulge in his pants, she asks to see and lick it, which Jay magnanimously allows her to do, believing the customer is always right. He then has her move into doggie, so as to stretch her back, as he giggles and spreads her ass-cheeks. Then works a large dildo into her hairy hole, to release her deep seated tension, while she moans euphorically. Being the consulate professional, he masterfully fingers her clit and licks her asshole to ensure all her pressure points are properly stimulated for a deep seated release. Next, she flips onto her back, while he uses his fingers and tongue to massage her pert nipples and furry, fuck furrow. Subsequently, he massages her throbbing clit, then her inner G-spot with a vibrating dildo, while simultaneously expertly fingering and tonguing her clit, to usher in a monumental, screaming orgasmic release. Needless to say, Adora has joined the long list of satisfied customers.

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Remi’s a tasty, big titted, tattooed, brunette large bodied seductress, with a vintage, fur covered, man trap. This large and lovely lass has sought out Jay, the infamous chubby chaser, for one of his infamous, in-depth massages. After some Q&A, she lies face down on his table, as Jay oils her up, and superbly massages her fabulous, fatty flesh, with his masterful hands and daring digits, while she groans euphorically. Generously, he offers her his rock-hard, humongous, horse cock, as an oral pacifier, to put her in the mood for the deep penetrating relief she desperately needs. Having wet her appetite, he brilliantly licks and fingers her asshole and pussy, before using a gargantuan dildo to stimulate a deep release, while she groans ecstatically, suckling on his colossal cock. Then, he has her roll onto her back, as he oils up her front, firmly massaging her thighs and masterfully fingering her furry, bearded clam, which makes her eyes widen, while she moans and shrieks, with licentious jubilation. Being a finger fucking aficionado, Jay unleashes a monumental, gut-wrenching, screeching orgasm. However, being the consulate professional, he realizes there is more to cum, so he redoubles his efforts furiously, finger fucking her hairy hole to trigger another volcanic, shrieking, all-consuming orgasm. Having released all her tension, Jay leaves his satisfied customer to relax on the table, while she regains her composure.
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Adora is an enchanting, vivacious, vermilion, tattooed, corpulent cutie, with a fabulous, fury fuck-furrow. Having a humongous hankering for his horse cock, Adora wakes Jay from his slumber, to gluttonously savor sucking his colossal cock, with avid, sluttish, epicurean relish, gusto and glee. With her whorish passions uncorked, she raucously rides his ivory tower of power in cowgirl, moaning and crying out, in perverse exultation, as she races towards her hedonistic Nirvana. Jay skillfully titillates her love button with talented tongue, before authoritatively plowing his titanic tool into her fur-burger, while she grabs her ankles in missionary, bellowing and bawling, in lubricious jubilation. After rolling her into spoon, he vigorously drills his gargantuan, pork sword into her, as she moans and screeches, in an impassioned, cock-crazed revelry. Subsequently, she wildly slams her voracious, hairy cunt onto his meat missile in reverse cowgirl, moaning and screaming, in whorish rapture. After she greedily sucks her slut sauce from his dingus, Jay brutishly pounds his dinosaur dick into her in doggie, then with her lying flat on her stomach, as she moans and howls, with raw, uncaged, bestial passions. Returning to missionary, he ardently fucks her fur-coated mantrap, then fires a jet stream of jism into her mouth, which she savors swallowing with whorish relish.
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