Why Things Burn (1995)

Vintage Full Movies 30-07-2022
Why Things Burn (1995)

Why Things Burn (1995)

Starring: Alex Jordan, Sally Layd, Debi Diamond, Tiffany Million, Roxanne Hall, Marc Wallice, T.T. Boy, Mike Horner, Nick East
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Date Added: 1995

Tawdry Audrey' is trying to get back to her old hometown...the one she left 5 year ago under the cloud of scandal. It seems she just can't keep her hands off of men...no matter who they are or who they are with. It's not that she's an evil girl, it's just that when she's around men sparks fly...and when sparks fly... Things Burn!

Scene 1. Alex Jordan, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Alex Jordan, Roxanne Hall, Sally Layd
Scene 3. Debi Diamond, Nick East, TT Boy
Scene 4. Tiffany Million, Marc Wallice
Scene 5. Alex Jordan, Sally Layd, Marc Wallice

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