I Think My Stepmom Is Seducing Me

MILFs & Moms 13-08-2022

I Think My Stepmom Is Seducing Me

Starring: Lexi Luna
Categories: Mature / MILF
Length: 34 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 2481Mb

There's something about a funeral that makes Lexi Luna really horny. She puts on the requisite black dress, but she makes sure it makes her tits look good. The short skirt is a plus, too. When she steps out of the room, her stepson, Alex Mack, is blown away. He can't help but comment about how pretty Lexi is. They leave it at that for the time being so they can go to the funeral, but neither of them is really finished with the other. When they return, Lexi can't help but ask if Alex really thinks she's hot. She puts out there that people at the funeral must have thought he was her boyfriend, and is very careful to say that there's nothing wrong with a younger guy dating an older woman.

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