Pumping a Pair of Plumpers

Big Boobs 14-08-2022

Pumping a Pair of Plumpers

Starring: Kendra Lee Ryan 30, Luna Storm, 26
Categories: BBW
Length: 31 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 1271Mb

Kendra’s a bewitching, tattooed, 44F titanic titted, vermilion haired, sizably sexy, BBW slut, with a vintage, bearded clam. And, Luna is a bubbly, brunette, chunky chick, with an equally fuzzy man trap. After a jovial opening intro chat with Jay, the affable, chubby chaser, the girls take turns savoring, sucking his humongous, horse cock with sluttish, epicurean relish. With passions ignited, Luna spiritedly rides his ivory tower of power in cowgirl, moaning and crying out in orgiastic exultation, while Kendra frantically fingers her clit groaning elatedly. Luna impressively deep throats every gargantuan inch of Jay’s cock, as she greedily sucks off her pussy juice. After vigorously titty fucking Kendra’s mountainous mammaries, Jay brutishly plows his titanic tool into her fur burger in missionary, as she moans and wails, in debauched jubilation. Feeling magnanimous, Jay vehemently pile drives his ginormous, pork sword into Luna in missionary, catapulting her into a bellowing, bawling intoxicated, dick-drunk delirium. Next, Kendra goes for a wild ride in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful, fat ass hypnotically humping him, as she races towards her lecherous Valhalla, moaning and shrieking, with unbridled, primal passion. After the girls give Jay a glorious double blow job, he barbarously slams his monster cock into Luna in missionary, fucking her senseless, as she moans and screams, in a cock-crazed revelry. Finally, Jay hoses down their tits with a gusher of creamy cum.

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