Family First

Teen Porn 16-08-2022

Family First

Starring: Ashley Wolf, Kyler Quinn, Sia Lust
Categories: Teens
Length: 24 min
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Size: 1481Mb

When Ashley leaves them alone, Ricky kicks off a sexy variant of truth or dare. He asks Sia and Kyler whether they have meaty or tucked pussy lips. They come back at him and asks how much he shaves. Ricky then bets he can guess how big their nipples are. That intrigues Kyler and Sia, who let Ricky get as far as pinching their nipples to find out before Ashley rains on that parade. Ashley claims their actions will lead to family step sex, at which point Kyler and Sia claim that's a great idea. Flinging their clothes off, the two of them put their pussies on display and encourage Ricky to fuck them. Ashley is horrified when Ricky lets them pop his stiffie out and guide it into Kyler's snatch. Ashley is torn between leaving and watching the illicit interaction as Ricky fucks Kyler and Sia masturbates beside them.

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