Wet Lady (1979)

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Wet Lady (1979)

Wet Lady (1979)

Starring: Ginger Hulsey, Roxanne Neufeld, Gene Medlin, Martin Noble
Categories: Vintage
Date Added: 1979

From a deserted New England beach we watch a woman in a dripping dress and long wet hair emerge from the depths of the ocean, the personification of our every fantasy - prepared to fulfill her each and every desire of eroticism and lust. The Wet Lady, an image of beauty and sophistication, demands to fulfill her needs with every man she sees. This mystical lady is only seen by those she desires, and elusively evades all others. This ability allows her to explore a variety of sexual escapades. In event after event, she devours the all consuming lust, until at last satisfied, she returns to the beach - leaving several insatiable lovers wondering.

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